Stop drinking 禁酒

Prohibition is better than no liquor at all.

The doctor stopped my drinking sake last week. 7 days have passed since I stopped my drinking. I have never experienced this long prohibition for 30 years. And the doctor said yesterday another week of prohibition would be very very good for your health and your family. I nodded singing the same refrain "Prohibition is better than no liquor at all" in my heart.


I felt a little pain on my right foot on 24/Aug. The symptom seemed the one of the twisted ankle with swelling. Then the pain once disappeared around the middle of September. I felt so happy and did a long distance walk. The same symptom came back to me a few days later. I finaly went to the hospital near my office. The doctor did not suspect twisted ankle, but gout, and immediately did a blood test. The first result was negative. The second test of yesterday was negative again. The swollen ankle is now almost down. I received another set of medicine for another week. Hoping the 3rd blood test would be the final.