Shiroishi Castle 白石城

A fine autumn sky this morning here in this area after a long while. Visited Shiroishi Castle, a 40-minute car ride from ALBERO.


It is considered that Shiroishi Castle was originally built by Mr. Katta, who got credit for the achievement of Go-sannen-no-Eki, one of the big battles in Tohoku area in 1083-1087 and the Emperor gave him this area. After that Mr. Date Family once got the control of it. Then, Toyotomi Hideyoshi confiscated and gave this area to Mr. Gamoh Family in Aizu in 1591, who built the castle on a full scale. After the replacement with Mr. Uesugi Family in Aizu in 1598, Date Masamune captured this castle in 1600 just before the battle of Sekigahara, and Mr. Date Family got the control again. Katakura Kagetsuna, the 1st direct retainer of Mr. Date Family, made the major upgrade of the castle and had it under control for over 260 years until the Meiji Restoration. The existing castle tower was re-established in March, 1995.














山形おきたま 愛の武将隊

信州上田 おもてなし武将隊


風林火山 甲斐の虎武将隊

金澤 百万石武将隊

白石戦国武将隊 奥州片倉組

奥州・仙台おもてなし集団 伊達武将隊