REIF Fukushima 2013

The 2nd Renewable Energy Industrial Fair (REIF) was held in Koriyama, Fukushima Pref. 6-7 November, 2013. Mr. Sato Yuhei, the prefectural governor of Fukushima Pref. delivered the speech about newly-emerged Fukushima plan.

1. Development of reconstruction plan and comprehensive plan which demand implementation of renewable energy

  • Creation of a society that is nuclear-independent, secure, safe and sustainedly viable as one of the 3 basic principles of Fukushima Prefecture's reconstruction vision
  • Project for implementation of renewable energy as one of the 13 prefectural priority projects
  • Ambitios target for significant implementation of renewable energy

Target proportion of renewable energy to the primary energy supply in Fukushima Pref.

2009FY:  20% approx., actual

2020FY:  40% approx.

2030FY:  60% approx.

2040FY:  over 100%